The Urgency of Vaccination, Momentum Towards Achieving Herd Immunity, Jakarta – The urgency of vaccination, momentum towards achieving herd immunity. Following an analysis released by Bloomberg recently, taking into account the number of vaccinations carried out in each country, the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia is predicted to end in 10 years. Meanwhile, the global pandemic is estimated to end in seven years.

Along with the development of vaccination and the dynamics of handling Covid-19, a number of countries are developing a plan framework to adopt a strategy of coexistence with Covid-19.

Some experts have said that in the future Covid-19 will be in the midst of the population for a long time.

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University of Melbourne and Doherty Institute mathematical epidemiologist James McCaw said the dynamics of Covid-19 will circulate among populations for decades to come.

“The vaccine will cause fewer people to be infected, but more importantly those who are infected will have a lower risk of becoming seriously ill or dying,” he said.

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In the midst of high cases and dynamics of handling the Covid-19 pandemic in Indonesia, how ready is Indonesia to coexist with Covid-19? How can the correlation between health and the economy work in balance?

Referring to a friendly country like Singapore, through Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long, the Singaporean government announced plans to reduce restrictions due to Covid-19 on daily life, and even began to loosen border controls a little.

This is due to the country’s vaccination rate, which is currently among the best in the world.

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“We are now in a stronger position to continue the journey of reopening, but with caution and calibration,” said Trade and Industry Minister Gan Kim Yong on behalf of Prime Minister Lee Hsien Long.

The key, officials there said, was mass vaccination targeting 80 percent of the population of nearly 5.7 million.

So, currently the number of cases in the Land of the Merlion Statue has stabilized, down from the peak of cases at the end of July 2021. As a result, the hospital system has not been overwhelmed by the low level of occupancy in care facilities.

Moreover, the realization of vaccines is also claimed to be increasing with 67 percent of the population fully vaccinated.

Like Singapore, the Australian government is also preparing four steps to coexist with the Covid-19 virus.

Based on data from Bloomberg, the first phase implemented is to boost the vaccination program. The second phase changes the focus of handling Covid-19 from preventing and suppressing transmission to reducing death, serious illness, and the care of survivors exposed to the corona virus.

The next phase is that there is no longer the word “lockdown”, and the last phase is returning to normal times. To reach that stage, the Australian government said it depended on the readiness of citizens to be vaccinated.

In Indonesia itself, a country that is more representative in the vaccination system and program, such as Singapore, continues to strive to achieve herd immunity. This is evident from the continued importation of vaccines from various countries.

On Monday, August 30, 2021, Indonesia arrived at the 45th stage of the vaccine in the form of 9.2 million Sinovac vaccines. The vaccine in the form of raw materials recorded that Indonesia has more than 217.9 million doses of vaccine, both in bulk and ready-made vaccines.

“The arrival of this vaccine will be followed by the arrival of the next stage of vaccine. All of this is clear evidence that the government continues to work hard to bring in a Covid-19 vaccine to meet the national vaccination needs,” explained the Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture of Indonesia Muhadjir Effendy in Jakarta, Monday, August 30, 2021.

Muhadjir said that until August 26, 2021, the achievement of the first dose of vaccination was 28.53 percent, while the second dose of vaccine was 16.02 percent.

Thus, he hopes that the acceleration of vaccination can be carried out consistently so as to achieve herd immunity. For that, Muhadjir appealed, synergy and cooperation of all elements is needed.

“Therefore, the government invites all parties, both community organizations, religious and community leaders, the private sector, business actors, NGOs, and volunteers to work together for the success of national vaccination,” he hoped.

Nevertheless, Muhadjir acknowledged that Indonesia is currently facing a dilemma, which is that it must coexist with Covid-19 for a period of time that cannot be ascertained when it will end.

Therefore, he emphasized that the public must continue to apply the 5M health protocol and increase the 3T.

The 5M health protocol referred to by Muhadjir refers to wearing a mask, washing hands with soap, maintaining a safe distance, staying away from crowds, and reducing mobility. While 3T refers to nothing but testing, tracing, and treatment.

“This is to accelerate recovery in the health sector, economy, especially in the productivity sector and to end this pandemic,” he added.

Muhadjir also appealed to the public not to be careless, remain on high alert so that the transmission of the corona virus can be controlled.

He said the government invites the public to participate in the success of this vaccination program by immediately coming to the vaccination site.

“Don’t choose a vaccine, because all vaccines are the same and efficacious,” added Muhadjir.