This Epidemiologist Says Indonesia Has the Potential To Experience Corona Hyperendemic, What Is It?, Jakarta – This epidemiologist says that Indonesia has the potential to experience a corona hyperendemic, what is it? Regarding the corona virus pandemic or Covid-19 which is still afflicting Indonesia, it is still a big problem for the nation.

The reason is that the destruction caused by the virus, which is claimed to have originated in Wuhan, China, is not a trivial matter.

The reason is, according to the Expert Council of the Indonesian Public Health Experts Association (IAKMI) Hermawan Saputra, the Covid-19 pandemic has the potential to experience a Covid-19 pandemic for a long time. This is motivated by the geographical and demographic conditions in Indonesia.

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“It is possible that in each country there are cases that persist, but some of the risks can be mitigated properly,” explained Hermawan, quoted from Antara via, Friday, August 27, 2021.

However, he added, it is also possible that in some countries there will be cases that remain high even though the World Health Organization (WHO) has revoked the pandemic status.

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Not only endemic, Hermawan even said that Indonesia would experience a hyperendemic.

So, what is meant by hyperendemic? Griffith University epidemiologist Dicky Budiman said, hyperendemic refers to the continuous presence of outbreaks in one area.

Not only that, a region is said to be experiencing a hyperendemic when an outbreak or disease with a very large number of cases is easily detected in the population.

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“There are also those who term hyperendemic as a disease that is almost the same in every age population,” explained Dicky to reporters in Jakarta, Friday, August 27, 2021.

In relation to Covid-19, Dicky said that an endemic could turn into a hyperendemic when there was an increase in cases.

For information, endemic is a disease that always exists in a particular population or area. One of the most widely discussed endemic diseases is malaria.

Regarding the potential for Indonesia to experience a hyperendemic, Dicky could not be sure exactly.

“It’s not clear when this endemic status will be. What is clear is that it will happen,” he said.

According to him, a hyperendemic will occur in Indonesia when the handling of Covid-19 is carried out sparingly and with minimal strategies. If the Covid-19 pandemic strategy does not change and only relies on vaccination, then Indonesia will experience a hyperpandemic.

Whether epidemic, pandemic, endemic, or hyperendemic, Dicky explained that all the terms were used by epidemiologists to describe a disease.

He said the Covid-19 pandemic was an opportunity to educate and increase public literacy related to health.

“Once again we realize that in the Covid-19 pandemic situation, health is a common problem that is important to know in order to prevent potential outbreaks. One of them understands the definition of the term,” said Dicky.