Note! Luhut Says All Public Access will Use PeduliLindungi Application

Komentar, Jakarta – Take a note! Luhut said that all public access will use the PeduliLindungi application! If there is an application that is most sought after in Indonesia today, it certainly cannot be denied that PeduliLindungi is the application in question.

This is because the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Pandjaitan said that the Covid-19 pandemic cannot be avoided by all people in the world, so it is necessary to enforce strict and disciplined health protocols.

Although Covid-19 cannot be avoided, according to him, there is one thing that all components of this nation can do, especially when facing a pandemic that has been running for almost two years with proper and thorough preparations.

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According to Luhut, the preparations that can be done include the discipline of applying 3M, namely wearing masks, washing hands with soap, and maintaining a safe distance, as well as massively implementing 3T, namely tracing, treasure, and treatment.

In addition, do not miss the acceleration of vaccination to build immunity against Covid-19 itself.

“In the future, the use of the PeduliLindungi platform will continue to be used, expanded until it is mandatory for almost all public access to be adjusted without exception,” Luhut explained at a virtual press conference in Jakarta, Monday, August 30, 2021.

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He admitted, without realizing the Covid-19 pandemic will change people’s lifestyles based on digital platforms.

Luhut added, the implementation of disciplined health protocols based on the PeduliLindung digital platform is key if we don’t want to repeat the difficult times of early July 2021.

“When the increase in cases rises so high, the capacity of the health system is at a threshold, and we must implement an Emergency PPKM policy which has a large economic impact,” he said.

On the same occasion, Minister of Health Budi Gunadi Sadikin explained that the use of Pedulilindungi information-based technology will be detectable for people who have been vaccinated or PCR.

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“His function is tracing, and at different locations he shoots barcodes. If infected, this can be done quickly to control health protocols,” explained Budi Gunadi.

He explained that the use of the application can regulate the safety of community activities to minimize the transmission of Covid-19.

“Because with PeduliLindungi this can be tracked. Those who have been vaccinated can come here, those who have been vaccinated when watching football can shout in the stands. If you haven’t already, wear a mask,” explained Budi Gunadi.

Later, Budi said again, the PeduliLindungi application will be applied thoroughly to the locations of community activities, ranging from trading centers such as malls, traditional markets, offices, to recreation areas, educational places such as schools, and other means of transportation.

“We want to try it in trade, malls, traditional markets, shops. Land, sea, air transportation. Tourism, office or factory. Elementary, junior high, high school, and religious activities,” he said.

Regarding religious activities, Budi Gunadi said the location of religious activities also needed the application of the PeduliLindungi application because the experience of every major holiday will trigger crowds.

“In January (2021) because of Nataru (Christmas and New Year), and June because of Eid. In India also because of religious ceremonies. In Bali it rose again because in July-August there was a religious ceremony. It is very important that health protocols are implemented at religious events,” he urged.